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Imprimis IVF Centre has given unmarried couples who are not parents extravagant care ever since it opened its doors to parenthood. The state-of-the-art fertility unit, which offers full services and is the best fertility centre in Srinagar, is dedicated to improving the lives of couples and individuals through IVF treatment, awareness of fertility issues, and the relief of pain and suffering associated with fertility and reproductive health. Patients considering infertility treatments can easily access diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical procedures, radiology services, infertility counselling, ultrasound imaging, and more at various locations throughout Srinagar.


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15+ Years

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Our Mission

It was established on the principle that intended couples have a right to compassionate and effective reproductive treatments from the top IVF specialists in Srinagar.

We aim to offer individuals and couples throughout Srinagar efficient tools for treatments connected to reproductive and fertility health. Imprimis IVF Center has established itself as the leading supplier of high-quality infertility treatment in Srinagar thanks to patient-centred healthcare services with excellence in quality, service, and access.

Our Vision

Imprimis IVF Team

The entire Imprimis family—legal counsel, the top IVF specialists in Srinagar, nursing staff and entire communities—must commit to assisting couples in achieving their parental goals in a secure and hygienic atmosphere. We are both saving and creating lives when we work together under one roof with devotion and passion. We are also advancing our society and its goals.

Why Choose Us?

High Success Rate

Compared to all other ART methods, IVF treatment is one of the most successful methods for infertility.

Top IVF Specialists

Imprimis IVF is dedicated to providing comprehensive fertility care from some of the best IVF doctors in Srinagar.

Advanced ART Lab

Imprimis IVF offers its patients customized, standard and advanced fertility treatments with modern technology.

Highly Experienced Embryologists

A dedicated team of highly experienced embryologists following national and international standards.

Affordable IVF Treatment

We offer affordable IVF treatment in Srinagar with a high success rate of IVF.

Personalized Care

Each case is unique and therefore requires a personalized approach.


I got pregnant in the first attempt Imprimis IVF is not an IVF Centre it is like a family, and all staff is very cooperative. Thank you so much to the entire Imprimis staff and Doctor. Thank you.

It was a very good experience with Imprimis IVF Centre. All the staff here are very good, and the doctor explained it to us very nicely. Very clean hospital.

I have to say this place is great impeccable infrastructure. I felt so positive entering that place and the lovely staff. Always there to help you.

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