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Insider’s Perspective: What to Expect During IVF Procedures at Imprimis IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is famous for infertility treatment and gives hope to couples who cannot conceive. During IVF, eggs are carefully collected from a woman’s ovaries and combined with sperm outside her body to overcome many fertility barriers. Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar is a beacon of excellence in infertility treatment across Srinagar. Imprimis IVF has a sympathetic group of doctors and employees. They guide couples throughout their journey toward becoming parents through infertility treatment. This article aims to give an insider view of how Imprimis IVF Srinagar conducts its IVF procedures.

Understanding Ivf procedures

When a couple is considering infertility treatment, they must understand what IVF entails. It starts with a first appointment at Imprimis IVF Srinagar, an IVF centre. Then comes the rest of the journey, which happens in several stages. The first step is Ovarian stimulation, whereby medicines are given to cause ovaries to produce several eggs. Subsequently, these eggs are collected via surgery, albeit minor. After egg retrieval, sperm is added to the eggs, forming an embryo in a laboratory. These embryos are then carefully monitored and cultured to stimulate their growth under controlled conditions. Finally, some selected embryos that seem most promising are transferred into the uterus, hoping they will implant there and can lead to pregnancy if successful.

Original Consultation and Appraisal

Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar begins the in vitro fertilization approach with a comprehensive review. This initial assessment comprises of:

  1. Medical history
  2. Fertility status
  3. Overall health

This evaluation is vital because it helps develop a personalized infertility treatment plan that will maximize chances for success while minimizing associated risks.

 Ovarian Stimulation

In the IVF process at Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar, ovarian stimulation is a significant step. It is a process that involves the use of drugs to induce ovulation of several eggs and hence increase the chances of successful fertilization and implantation. These medications for ovarian stimulation include:

  1. Gonadotropins
  2. GnRH agonists.
  3. GnRH antagonists

At Imprimis IVF Center Srinagar, the medical team will monitor your response to these medications through frequent ultrasounds and blood tests to ensure that your ovaries are responding well and minimize the risk of OHSS.

Egg Retrieval

It is an essential milestone in the process of IVF at Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar when the transvaginal oocyte retrieval procedure is conducted. It involves taking out fully developed eggs from ovaries to be fertilized. This process, which does not require any cutting through the skin, is usually done with sedation or anaesthesia for the comfort and safety of the patient. The doctor will guide a thin needle using ultrasound scanning into each follicle and then suck out fluid containing the eggs by aspiration, which takes approximately 30 minutes only. After this step of infertility treatment, all recovered eggs are transferred into a laboratory for further processing.

Sperm Collection and Preparation

From all forms of procedures performed at Imprimis IVF Center Srinagar, sperm collection and preparation stand out as crucial during an IVF process. The spouse gives his semen sample, which is later treated to separate the best sperm that can fertilize an egg cell collected from a woman’s ovary after extraction. It can be done through sperm washing, where sperm isolated from the seminal fluid becomes ready to create embryos by being implanted in recovered eggs. It affects how successful the whole IVF infertility treatment may be.

Fertilization and Embryo Development

Once the eggs are collected and sperm is prepared, the next phase of the Imprimis IVF Center Srinagar IVF infertility treatment process involves the fertilization of these eggs by processed sperm in labs. It usually happens either through insemination or intracytoplasmic sperm injection method (ICSI), where a single sperm is directly injected into an egg. After this, the produced embryos are observed for a few days to check if they can be implanted successfully in the womb.

Embryo Transfer

The most viable embryos that have been developed well enough are selected for being transferred into the uterus in the process of infertility treatment. Under ultrasound guidance, this gentle procedure is done to place them in a position that would facilitate implantation and establish pregnancy successfully. The number of embryos that will be transferred takes into account several factors, including quality and age of the patient, to increase the chances of successful pregnancy without increasing chances for multiple gestation.

Pregnancy Test and Follow-Up

About a fortnight later, the embryo transfer process will have to be followed by a pregnancy test done to ascertain the efficacy of the procedure. If it is positive, then the patient will go on with check-ups that are supervised during her pregnancy period for the best outcomes ever. Typically, this entails consistent ultrasound testing, blood analysis, and other evaluations meant to ensure the growth and well-being of both mother and infant. Imprimis IVF Center Srinagar provides complete care and support for patients throughout their journey in IVF infertility treatment, including early pregnancy stages.

Support and Resources

Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar recognizes that the journey to parenthood can be difficult, so we provides a full range of support services to help couples at every step. The Center’s committed team conducts counselling where couples express their concerns, dreads, and wishes in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Moreover, Imprimis arranges group therapy sessions for couples who can interact with others sharing similar experiences, offering mutual comfort and empathy. From emotional support to practical advice to educational materials, there is always something here for each couple in need during this challenging period.

Success Rates in Imprimis IVF Srinagar

Imprimis IVF Centre Srinagar feels proud of its high success rates, showing its commitment to excellence in fertility care. Through its robust IVF procedure, Imprimis attains its success through a combination of modern technology, experienced medical staff with compassion for the patients, and an individualized patient approach. Every couple is unique, so This IVF Center customizes its infertility treatment plans to address specific needs and circumstances. Imprimis’ patients are guaranteed success since it combines advanced techniques with personalized care.


We have covered all the necessary information about this article. Ultimately, the goal of IVF infertility treatment is to help people achieve their dream of starting or expanding their family, and understanding the costs involved is a crucial step in that process. You can also visit our IVF Center’s official website for more information about IVF procedures.

How do you feel during IVF Stimulation? – Do’s and Don’t

IVF Stimulation – It’s no hidden fact that In-vitro fertilization treatment is no less than a roller coaster ride. So whenever IVF treatment is recommended to a couple, their mind is bombarded with hundreds of questions about what they should and shouldn’t do to make their treatment successful.

So, in this article, Imprimis IVF Srinagar will help you find answers to all your questions and clear the air around some common misconceptions related to IVF. However, we advise you to consult your fertility expert before unquestioningly believing anything you see on the internet. It is because we cannot run away from the fact that not everybody has the same medical condition or the same reason for undergoing IVF treatment

Is IVF Painful? 

The most common question that couples have regarding IVF is whether the treatment is painful. Well no. The answer can be explained by the fact that IVF treatment is not a surgical operation

Please read that line again! 

The only time a woman can feel a slight pain is during IVF stimulation. Now, you might be wondering what ovarian stimulation is. It is the process of preparing (stimulating) the ovaries to produce more mature eggs with the help of injectable medications. And this slight pain entirely depends on your sensitivity towards injections. If you are over-sensitive, you might feel more pain as compared to someone who is not injection-sensitive. 

Some Women Might Also Show the Following Symptoms: 

  • Breast discomfort
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating

The best part is there’s nothing to worry about these symptoms as they vanish once you are done with the ovarian stimulation stage. 

The egg retrieval process is generally carried out under anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain. All in all, it can be declared that IVF is an almost painless procedure

Don’ts of IVF Treatment

People always make a conscious effort to do everything that they can to make their IVF cycle successful. However, they sometimes miss out on the things that must be avoided during this journey. So here is the list of things that you should not practice if you are undergoing IVF treatment. 

Part Ways with Alcohol

No alcohol before, during, or after the IVF treatment. Alcohol is not only bad for your health in general, but it is the worst if you are undergoing or planning to undergo IVF treatment in the near future. 

Smoking is Off the Table.

Smoking and alcohol go hand in hand; if alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited during, before, or after IVF stimulation, so is smoking. 

Stop Being Best Friends with Caffeine.

It might be surprising to you, but caffeine can do more harm than good for your IVF treatment. Do not cross the mark of 200 mg of coffee per day. 

Say bye to Processed and Packaged Food.

It is important to bear in mind that a healthy body will support a healthy and successful IVF cycle. Highly processed and packaged contain high amounts of sugars and unsaturated fats, which are not good for your health. 

Keep Stress at Bay.

It’s a big thing to ask of you since IVF is a highly exhausting and stressful journey. Keeping stress at bay is a challenge in itself. The mind is always thinking of the result of the treatment. 

But it’s vital to fight this enemy, and the best way to do that is to talk to your partner, friends, family members, and your fertility expert. Let it out, go for a walk, do some exercise, or engage in some hobbies like:

  1. Cooking
  2.  Journaling
  3. Painting
  4. Swimming
  5. Photography
  6. Meditation
  7. Breathing exercises 

Taking Drugs is a big no

Saying do not take drugs before, during, or after IVF is a no-brainer. Apart from drugs like opium, heroin, and marijuana, you must not take any medication without consulting with your gynecologist. 

Steer Clear of Soft Drinks

Carbonated drinks should be avoided at all costs during IVF. Consumption of such drinks not only hampers your health in general but also your reproductive health

In a nutshell, the don’ts of IVF treatment largely focus on the things you consume. So, make mindful choices and chalk out a diet plan with the help of your fertility specialist

Do’s of IVF 

When it comes to what to do during IVF, the list might never come to an end. But some things are always going to be more important than others, according to fertility specialists around the globe. So here’s a checklist for you: 

Do not cut down on Your Resting and Sleeping Hours

Follow the 8-hour principle when it comes to sleep. Also, deep sleep is the key to a not-so-exhausting IVF cycle. So make sure you make space for proper rest and sleep. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice Religiously.

Don’t just nod your head to what your fertility specialist says. Do what he says because he knows all about the IVF treatment, and you don’t. So listen carefully and follow closely.

 A Balanced Diet for a Balanced IVF Cycle

It would help if you consumed a colourful bowl of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your meals. Most importantly, don’t skip meals at any cost. Also, it is advised by doctors to break down one meal into smaller meals for better digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

When the Doctor Calls, You Always Go.

The IVF treatment revolves around a lot of blood tests and ultrasound monitoring to closely observe the development of eggs and the overall reproductive health. Moreover, IVF is a highly complex treatment. So whenever there is an appointment with your IVF specialist, show up every single time. 

Stay Active with a Lightweight Exercise Routine. 

There are multiple benefits of exercising regularly. A stress-free IVF journey and a healthy BMI are some of them. You can engage in activities like walking, jogging, and practicing fertility yoga asanas can help you immensely. 

But one thing must be kept in mind: rigorous exercise must be avoided. 

Take Your Medications Timely.

These days, ovarian stimulation injections can be self-administered. It should be your priority to administer the IVF injections in a timely. Also, make sure you wash your hands properly and sanitize the place where you lie down. Please don’t compromise on the importance of cleanliness. 

If you don’t want to go for self-administration, you can ask your doctor for regular appointments so that the fertility specialist can do this job for you. 

Put Aside Your Weight-loss Goals. 

Your only fitness goal during IVF should be to nourish your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals without having a calorie deficit. Weight loss generally warrants intense exercise routines that you cannot engage in during or after your IVF treatment. 

The pro tip here would be if you are underweight or overweight, then you should take care of your BMI before starting your IVF journey. 

Develop a Robust Support System.

Having people who care for you in your tough times is extremely important during IVF since it is a very demanding journey. There is a reason why people call it the IVF journey. Quality relations are going to help you immensely to cope with the stressful days. 

Another common question that couples undergoing IVF stimulation have is whether or not they should continue with their routine after embryo transfer. The answer might surprise you, but taking complete bed rest after embryo transfer is strictly prohibited by the doctors. 

The science behind this is that when your brain is not involved in any work, it will always go back to the million questions that are running inside your head. When you think about them endlessly, you end up being stressed. And my dear ladies, stress is the enemy of your reproductive health. 

Is a healthy diet and lifestyle significant during IVF Stimulation? 

The success rate of IVF treatment is somewhere between 35 to 40%. It is the highest success rate when everything goes right. So, if you want to make the best out of your IVF cycle, prepare your body well.

Final Word

You might have noticed that there is nothing extraordinary that you have to do during IVF stimulation to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The full article can be aptly summarised in one line: Eat good and take proper care of your health and wellness. Apart from this, the clinic that you choose for IVF plays a more important role than you might think. A clinic like Imprimis IVF can be your best option. 

Every decision, big or small, should be made thoughtfully by keeping the bigger picture in mind.